The High Sheriff’s Fund

The High Sheriff’s Fund supports activities that encourage participation from disadvantaged or disabled children and young people. It has a particular focus on involving teenagers and young adults in positive and challenging activities, away from anti-social behaviour and crime. Grants are awarded to projects seeking to build confidence, self-esteem and a skill base to help with future employment and careers.

Grants are awarded from both an endowment fund, donations from the Gloucestershire Police Crime Commissioner and funds raised by the High Sheriff’s fundraising events and appeals.

The High Sheriff Fund has supported many different types of projects ranging from working with the police and local courts through the Getting Court programme; to supporting a listening service for teenagers and young adults; and funding outdoor activities for young offenders.

Organisations and projects supported by the High Sheriff’s grant programme include:

  • Creative Sustainability – towards a peer mentor training programme for youth projects, including Access Bike and 3rd Space, to ensure full participation of disadvantaged and disabled young people
  • The Rock – towards Activate 2021 – 3 weeks of activities for young people during the school summer holidays
  • Your Next Move – towards the running of hip hop-inspired creative workshops for young people in Gloucester
  • TIC+ – towards the launch of the TIC+ 1 at A Time (1@aT) Counselling service – a new, innovative model of counselling
  • Getting Court – to promote greater inter-action between the Gloucester Crown Court and Gloucestershire Secondary Schools and settings by organising educational visits to a working court
  • Venture: White City – to develop a programme of off-site activities and opportunities for young people at risk of crime
  • Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture – to provide a safe countryside residential indoors and outside for those young people who need it most

To find out more about how to apply please refer to the High Sheriff grant programme

Pedal bikes stacked up

These are pictures of just a few of the projects and organisations that the High Sheriff's Fund has supported

Thank you so much for your support
Large group of young people posing following a dance competition

Young people on rafts in the water

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