Community INVESTOR Fund

Businesses are an integral part of the community in which they operate, offering employment to local people and generating wealth for the local area. Many businesses wish to support their local communities but often don’t have the dedicated resources to identify priority needs, communicate with local community groups, and manage large volumes of charity requests and assess applications for funding. The "Community INVESTOR Fund" provides a complete solution for charitable giving by businesses, enabling companies to work together to maximise impact and share best practice. This fund is also open to individuals.

The “Community INVESTOR Fund” enables businesses and individuals to channel their support to the communities that are close to them, helping to raise awareness and provide support for under-served people and communities in Gloucestershire.

Many businesses really want to help local people – but don’t know how to give effectively and do not have the time to manage their giving. We know where the need is and make every penny count. We also help the groups with their application for a grant and continue to help them all the way through the process.

Businesses and individuals can financially support the community they work in, safe in the knowledge that GCF has the local expertise to maximise their funds and the impact that they make in Gloucestershire.

Community INVESTORS will help us to foster a vibrant and inclusive Gloucestershire community that inspires passion for our county and communities, in all corners.

You can evidence your Corporate Social Responsibility

Using the “Community INVESTOR” members logo shows everyone that you are committed to helping local communities and really want to get involved.  Our logo can be used across all your marketing materials and website. We will also provide a membership certificate for your premises.

You will be offered great PR opportunities:

Great stories to be told in the press, social media etc. of your business helping local communities through your giving, volunteering and fund raising.
For example, we arrange cheque presentations by members to successful applicant organisations in their own area. We also ensure presentations are publicised through printed and online media.

You can collaborate with other like-minded businesses

We introduce you to other like-minded businesses to help you to create new business relationships. Members are invited to the “Community INVESTOR” Grant Panel meetings that decide the criteria for grants and which applications will be awarded grants.

You will be invited to attend networking events

You will be invited to  a range of  events every year and will meet some great people.  We hold business breakfasts or round table events for members and invited guests to understand more about each others’ businesses. Also an Annual Celebration is a social gathering exclusively for members and special guests.

At it’s core, the GFC “Community INVESTOR Fund” brings together businesses who want to work together to support investment in local communities in Gloucestershire where it is needed most and will make most impact.

To join the Community INVESTOR Fund 

You can choose how you’d like to support the fund:

Individuals – £600 /year or DD £50 per month

Businesses – £ 1200 / year or DD £100 per month

This is a great opportunity for local businesses and individuals to give back, get involved and really feel part of your local community. To find out more please contact Talitha Nelson, CEO on 07557 478855.


"GCF is a learning organisation that keeps pushing the boundaries, with an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative and agile. With demonstrative business acumen, this has encouraged other funders and many organizations to reach out to us for advice and support, we are now being seen as leaders in our industry."

Talitha Nelson, GCF CEO

"We just love GCF, our local funder - you understand the issues we have in the county around rural poverty and isolation, lack of provision for young people and inclusion in mainstream activities."

Creative Sustainability

"On behalf of all small, local charities thank you for making this funding available and turning applications around so quickly. So much appreciated!”

Forest Pulse