GCF Logos

Please find below downloadable versions of the GCF Logo:

We recognise that it is not always appropriate to add our logos to your work and that some groups we support will not have websites or social media accounts.

Where possible, we are really grateful if you can acknowledge our support as appropriate on your website or in any of your social media as it really helps us to raise awareness of the Gloucestershire Community Foundation which, in turn, will enable us to support more work around the county in the future.

These are our logos:

GCF Full Colour Logo PNG

GCF Full Colour Logo JPEG

GCF Black and White Logo PNG

GCF Black and White Logo JPEG

GCF White Logo PNG (for use on dark backgrounds)

GCF White Logo JPEG (for use on dark backgrounds)

These are our social media accounts if you would like to tag us in relevant posts: