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Our Impact

History was made in 2020, when the pandemic struck. This presented Gloucestershire Community Foundation with our biggest challenge to date. We went from delivering £300K a year to £1.2 million, growing our output by four times. We delivered over 300 grants and supported more than 205,000 people across Gloucestershire. This is the largest amount awarded in a single year since Gloucestershire Community Foundation was founded in 1989. This was only possible because of the amazing generosity of our donors and the hard work and dedication of the charity, staff and board and all the voluntary groups who run the services and projects we fund. As we emerged out of the Covid pandemic period, it feels like we have continued to lurched from crisis to crisis, in a state of perma-crisis, where GCF has needed to keep up the momentum of delivery in order to respond to new and emerging need, namely the Cost of Living Crisis and escalating poverty, at the same time funding has declined and become incredibly challenging across the sector. This page provides an overview of the impact of our work to date and how we have continued to identifying and respond to where the greatest need is, delivering positive impact with the finite resources we have. More information available in our Impact Reports below;

Past 2 Years Figures

Here are some of the figures for the impact that Gloucestershire CF has had over the past 2 years.








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We look at impact in many different ways at Gloucestershire Community Foundation: in the types of support we provide, the people supported by our grants and the difference that our grants make to communities. We do look at numbers but we also listen to stories. It isn’t only about funding, we are also supporting leaders of organisations to become more resilient through our INVEST programme and provide opportunities for groups to network and share ideas and experiences at our Let’s Talk-Let’s Listen events.

Think local, act global

GCF will be working throughout 2022 to embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals into everything we do as part of our organisational development.

By recognising the interconnectedness of the 17 goals, GCF is well-placed to effectively address each of the issues. This means that GCF has a powerful impact both in the local community, and across the globe.

There is an urgent need to join up the dots across civil society and to ensure that the impact of local people is duly recognised.

Rosemary Macdonald, CEO, UK Community Foundations

Our detailed knowledge of Gloucestershire, and the strong relationships we forge in the community, allow us to address the vast array of needs in the county. This means we can contribute to an understanding of the UK’s progress in addressing the SDGs, and ensure that the areas of need in Gloucestershire are met.

How Community Foundations are contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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