Poverty Hurts Appeal

Poverty is impacting over 40,000 children in Gloucestershire, that's a third of all children. The need for food parcels in our county has gone up 65% in just two years. We need to come together to "FIGHT POVERTY AND ENRICH LIVES"

Poverty is becoming a harsh reality for more and more families and individuals, many are from working families who just can’t make ends meet. URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED.

Could you be there for the most vulnerable in Gloucestershire living in poverty

  Often perceived as a wealthy county, Gloucestershire is also home to some of the poorest communities in the country, both in our urban and rural communities.

  • POVERTY is about exclusion. It’s the inability to access what you need for a decent life.
  • Food, clothing, decent housing, utilities to keep healthy and connected, transport to access work, education and public services.

The need for urgent help in Gloucestershire simply isn’t being met. We are desperate to help those in need, we at GCF with our knowledge and connections in the county, will ensure support gets to where it is most needed.

The Poverty Hurts logo is orange with the GCF logoGCF are at the heart of

“Fighting Poverty & Enriching Lives”

Across the whole county

 People like Mel and her family – Mel was struggling to cover the cost of food and couldn’t pay her bills. She was having to choose between heating and eating, and the stress was causing her mental health to suffer. Thanks to a grant from GCF, a foodbank provided Mel with ten items of food each week for £3.50. She could also get fresh food items like vegetables, milk, chilled foods, bread and eggs for free when they were available. By accessing this service which is funded by your generous donations, Mel saved at least £15 a week which enabled her to pay her bills. For Mel, the service was a “lifesaver” when she needed it most.

With your help, we are aiming to raise £500,000 to support people in Gloucestershire living in poverty, not just this year but for years to come

GCF will get support to where it’s most needed. Supporting people suffering poverty, be that in terms of rural or urban poverty.

People across Gloucestershire need your help urgently to meet even their most basic needs.

There are also opportunities for businesses to help their local communities. Our Community Investor Fund enables businesses to financially support the community where they work, safe in the knowledge that GCF has the local expertise to maximise the funds and the impact that they make in Gloucestershire.


A mum was sharing 2 pillows and one blanket between herself and two children. Thanks to funding from GCF, she was able to pick up a car-load of items from a local charity, including bedding, toys, clothing and toiletries. "I really wish you could have seen their faces. The children were literally jumping up and down and screaming. Mum had big tears in her eyes and just kept saying thank you."

Gloucestershire Bundles

"We appreciate GCF's support. Having a local organisation that understands the work we do and helps us to afford to serve those who need us the most is part of why we are able to be here to help them"

Family Haven
An adult and two children work together on a handmade craft

How your support can help

We know that everybody is having to cut back to manage this difficult time. If you feel able to give to support people in financial crisis in Gloucestershire, any amount will help

£10 could help feed a child for 3 days

£20 could help to keep an older person warm this winter

  £50 could equip a family with a slow cooker starter kit and support to cook economical and nutritious meals

In addition, this year the government is providing additional financial support to all households to help with the cost of living crisis.

If you feel able to pass on this help to people who urgently need it to pay for food and energy, please consider giving this to Gloucestershire Community Foundation, who can ensure that it reaches those most in need.

Winter Fuel Allowance – £250 – could fund cooking lessons and ingredients for 20 people

Pension Payment – £300 – could fund a debt advisor to run 2 drop-in sessions in a remote part of the country

 Energy Rebate – £400 – can provide winter care packages for 15 people in financial crisis

If you are in a position to give a little extra, your support will go a long way to providing urgent assistance to those who need it most in Gloucestershire

  £1,500 could help 6 households to pay their utility bills, ensuring that they are able to buy food

£2,000 can provide care packages to 80 people in financial crisis, having to choose between utility bills and eating

  £8,000 could fund a family support worker to work with 10 vulnerable families for 6 months

   £20,000 can provide activities and food for 100 children over school holidays, ensuring that they receive a nutritious meal every day

Thank you for your support - anything you give will make a difference to people in Gloucestershire