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Surviving Winter Appeal Launch December 2021

Donate to our Surviving Winter appeal today

This winter, hundreds of vulnerable people all over Gloucestershire will have to choose between eating or heating. This includes people who are vulnerable, the elderly, and families with small children. Please help us to ensure that nobody is left cold and alone during these cold months.

Last year, one in ten households was living in fuel poverty throughout the country.


Excess Winter Deaths were the highest since 1975. Shockingly, Gloucestershire was one of the worst hit counties in the country.

Our generous donors have made it possible for us to help those in need for many years. We do this by supporting local charities and communities that work directly with the most vulnerable in our county.


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Winter is a particularly hard time for people in normal circumstances. Fuel prices are rising and the pandemic continues to cause stress. That’s why it is vital that we continue our essential work this winter and support more people than we have ever before.

Your donations will make sure that people warm and fed this winter. By donating, you will also let people throughout our community know that they are not alone.


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All money raised goes directly to those who need our help the most.

We understand that this has been a difficult year, and many people are not in a position to make donations. If you feel able to donate to help those in need in Gloucestershire, please visit the donations page

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Surviving Winter appeals have changed the lives of vulnerable people across the county.

Donate to our Surviving Winter appeal today