Gloucestershire Community Recovery and Resilience Programme

This programme was established in response to the pandemic to help Gloucestershire communities affected by Covid-19. Our aim is to help organisations to become stronger and more resilient. This programme is currently closed.



grant amount

Up to £5,000

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About the Community Recovery and Resilience Programme

This grant programme aims to support local activities that are helping communities and organisations to become stronger and more resilient. It provides grants to charitable and community organisations to support challenges faced by communities as a result of Covid-19 and the impacts of lockdown restrictions.

We conducted research towards the end of 2020 which identified various challenges faced by people in our communities:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Increased mental health issues
  • Unemployment and loss of income
  • Digital exclusion and barriers to accessing online facilities

Organisations in our county were affected by:

  • Loss of income
  • Increase in costs as a result of the need to invest in PPE and digital equipment
  • Increase in demand for services
  • Restrictions limiting face-to-face work
  • Barriers to the uptake and success of digital services including lack of skills/equipment/connectivity
  • Limited availability of ‘non-emergency’ funding

We also found that organisations struggled to find funding for core costs, regular service delivery and non-project-based work.

Now we want to feed this understanding into our grantmaking, awarding grants that respond to the needs of the communities we are working in, being flexible and trusting in the experience and expertise of organisations who are truly embedded within communities in our county.

Who can apply?

This programme is for voluntary and community groups with charitable aims, registered charities, Community Interest Companies, town and parish councils. Applicants must be based and working in Gloucestershire.

Priority will be given to organisations particularly supporting one or more of the following groups of people who have been most severely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis:

  • Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities
  • LGBTQ+ Communities
  • Young people
  • Disabled people
  • Women
  • People affected by domestic violence
  • People living in poverty, who are unemployed or on low incomes
  • People suffering from physical and/or mental health issues
  • Older people

To enable our funds to have the greatest impact, this programme will now prioritise groups with annual income less than £500,000.

What can you apply for?

Recovery and Resilience grants are available to help Gloucestershire charities and community organisations whose operations and finances have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting them to recover and continue their activities or develop their resilience to survive the economic impact of lockdown or potential future waves of the virus. You can apply for a grant towards help with:

  • Core costs
  • Building the capacity of your organisation, including staffing and/or infrastructure
  • Developing collaborative work with other organisations
  • Services set up or adapted to meet needs which people have because of the coronavirus situation
  • Strengthening your organisation’s governance and key staff and/or volunteer skills
  • Providing time and resources for organisation planning and development

We want to support action on redressing inequalities through action on diversity, equity and inclusion. We welcome applications for funding that incorporate this work.

How much do we award?

The maximum grant awarded will be £5,000 per year for up to two years though the amounts awarded will depend upon demand for the funds available. We will be prioritising smaller organisations where a grant of this size will have the biggest impact.

Repeat Applications

If you have previously had funding from the Coronavirus Response Fund, and have spent the grant and have submitted an end of grant report, you are eligible to apply again.  However, we are keen to spread the remaining funds available as widely as possible so will prioritise applications from organisations who have not yet received a grant through our Coronavirus programmes.

The maximum total value of grants that can be awarded to one organisation in one year through our Coronavirus funds is £15,000.

Grant Guidelines

Please ensure you satisfy all of the criteria and conditions outlined within the Grant Guidelines. Do contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project/need prior to submitting an application.

The guidelines are available by clicking on the link below

How to Apply

Please apply online using the link at the bottom right of the screen marked ‘Apply Now’

You can return to your online application form as many times as is needed, and save it as you go along. The online application link can also be shared with colleagues, or other parties, if more than one person needs to contribute to the application.

As part of the online application process you will be asked to attach the following supporting documents:

  • A constitution/governing document/set of rules, that sets out the purpose of your organisation and how it is managed.
  • A copy of a bank statement or other evidence of a bank account in the name of your organisation. The bank account must have at least 2 signatories. Alternatively, if you belong to a small organisation that does not have a bank account another charitable organisation can look after the funds for you, but you must provide written authorisation from the organisation that will do this.
  • A copy of your most recent annual accounts or financial records. If you do not have financial records that cover a full year then you will need to provide the records you currently have.
  • A safeguarding policy if your organisation works directly with children or vulnerable adults.