posted 18/07/2023


Our COLC Appeal, Impact Report 2023 highlights how the Cost of Living Crisis has affected so many individuals and families in Gloucestershire over the last 12 months. The pandemic was challenging enough for our sector but now even more so. Need had dramatically risen beyond pandemic times and has only continued to rise beyond winter and we predict this will continue for at least the next few years. 

An example, the need for food parcels in the last two years in Gloucestershire has risen by 65%. Statutory provision is limited and therefore the voluntary sector has had to step up again and fill the gaps. The sector’s response has been immense and charities and community groups are working harder than ever to support a growing need for help and care.

With the help of our generous and kind donors, GCF has already identified where funding was and is, most needed and has awarded over £80,000 in Cost of Living grants to communities across the county in support of the ongoing crisis.  This much needed support has helped to reduce hunger, provide warmth and shelter, reduce isolation and loneliness, and keep families together.

GCF has funded:

  • 8,000 hot meals and food packages
  • 25 warm spaces in the county
  • Over 30,000 vulnerable people given support

You can download the full report here.

As need has continued to rise, we have now launched the Poverty Hurts Appeal to raise £500K, so we can carry on fighting poverty and enriching lives.


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