A group of six women stand in front of gymnasium equipment.

Improving wellbeing during cancer treatment

Charlies received a grant of £1,980 from the Freemasons Programme employ a specially trained personal trainer to provide one-to-one physical training for people undergoing cancer treatment.

The training was tailor made to the cancer type and physical abilities of the participant and aimed to improve recovery outcomes, and increased positive wellbeing and physical health through strength based exercises.

The training sessions made an enormous difference to the lives of the sixty-eight participants:

H said “The strength based sessions have helped and supported me through exercise, I really enjoy the variety of exercises teaching me what my body is capable of doing, I would not have tried these exercises without proper guidance and support. I feel so much stronger and confident in myself, I no longer walk with my head down, I feel 10 feet taller physically and mentally, I have come out of myself, the person I was before I lost my confidence due to the cancer. These sessions have truly changed my life, I will continue to be physically active for as long as I am able to. My family have noticed that with my confidence I am more outgoing, I am able to confidently return to work, and I am more talkative and happy in general, I did not realise that an exercise class would give me so much more than being fit, and have a positive effect on my whole life.”

A said “I can’t believe how far I have come since joining the Charlie’s exercise class and starting 1:1 PT sessions. They have supported me through post cancer rehabilitation exercises and encouraged me back to an active lifestyle. Hannah has incorporated her knowledge of nutrition and exercise to individually tailor a program to suit me and is constantly challenging and motivating me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Exercise has helped me back to normal life and kept me going through my darkest times. It would have been so easy to just give up and give in but I didn’t because I had exercise. I think that the Charlies classes have made significant difference to a lot of our lives.”

May 2024

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